Virmach Review – Affordable VPS Hosting

If you have been in website building for a while than most likely you will start need a better hosting solution to change your shared hosting plan you are currently using. Maybe because the current plan can’t really accommodate your website needs, the web pages start to load slower and slower or maybe you find your website down from time to time.

Well, shared hosting has its own pros and cons. It is definitely your best choice if you just started and your website doesn’t need lots of resources. However, once your website getting more and more visitors, your affordable shared hosting will start to behave weird. Slow loading page and frequent down time is the most commons culprits here.

If you have this problem, maybe you need to start considering moving your website to a better solution but still in an affordable way. In this case, VPS hosting would be your best bet. With VPS plan your website will be hosted on its own server (virtually) with its own ‘dedicated’ resources. Your website will have better performance since it doesn’t share the server with other websites.

But it will cost a lot more, right? Fortunately, no!

I have personally tried and use various VPS plans to host my websites. I can name different providers here, but for now I will only name one,

Yes, I have and am still using this Virmach hosting to host my websites. And I can say that I am very satisfied with their service. I never experience any down time with them, and their plans are affordable.

If you visit their website you will find that they actually provides different hosting plans, from shared, VPS, and dedicated server. You can choose which one that fits your need, but I only use their VPS since I don’t need a dedicated server and I never tried their shared plan.

For VPS plan, you can choose the configurations that will meet your website need and of course your budget. I suggest you to choose the KVM plan with lowest price. Don’t use managed plan it will cost more. It will need some learning curves on your part to use unmanaged server, but trust me, it is not that difficult.

With an hour or two learning how to host your website on VPS, you will get your website running smoothly on your new VPS plan. You will get far better performance at affordable cost monthly.

Once again, choose KVM VPS plan at the lowest price. KVM plan will give you dedicated server resources so your website won’t affect or be affected by other websites on the same server. Choose the lowest price plan, if you need more resources just ask them to upgrade your plan. It’s that simple so don’t complicate it.

I will review other affordable VPS services in other posts, however, I don’t think you will need other VPS provider if you have Virmach hosts your website. But we will see, if I have the time to review other providers, I will post it here.

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