Unlimited Web Hosting

What is it and why should I look out for it when buying web hosting?

If you are a webmaster, you have may have discovered at some point in your journey that the word “unlimited” when referring to unlimited web hosting, doesn’t actually mean that you are getting unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

If you understand the basic fundamentals of a computer system, you will have realized that it is not possible to have an unlimited amount of disk space. This should also tell you that it is not possible for a web hosting provider to offer unlimited web hosting, since like a computer, a web server can only have a fixed amount of disk space. The same applies to bandwidth. When you think about it, a band can only be so wide. Regardless of how big this number is, it still cannot be unlimited.

You will often discover that when you look at the fine print of an unlimited web hosting provider that they only allow you to use a portion of the servers resources for a specific amount of time. To be fair, if they really offered unlimited web hosting then they would be out of business in no time.

So why do they advertise it as unlimited web hosting when it’s not then?

They do this to make it look more attractive to the customer and to attract customers who haven’t got a clue how much space they need to host their website, so naturally, they opt for a plan that boasts unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Why you can’t trust hosts that offer a limited amount either!

There are many web hosting companies out there offering unlimited web hosting who take advantage of this by overselling their web hosting to maximize the amount of profits they can make from a server. Most people think that if they choose a hosting provider that offers a limited amount of bandwidth and disk space then they are safe because they know what they are getting. This is often not the case. Just because they are not saying that they offer unlimited web hosting, doesn’t mean that they are not overselling the limited hosting that they claim to offer as well.

Hosting Reviews – Why not to rely on them when looking for unlimited web hosting!

When buying unlimited web hosting, or any shared hosting plan for that matter, the reality is there is no real way of telling whether a provider is overselling their hosting before you buy. I have found that the only way to really tell whether a shared hosting provider is reliable, is to give them a go yourself.

Even if you look for reviews for the top unlimited web hosting companies, you will often find that there are good and bad reviews for every one of them. There are also many sites out there that have top 10 lists of the best unlimited web hosting companies out there. The reality is that these websites are only recommending them because they are affiliated with them, so whenever someone clicks on a link on one of these sites to visit the unlimited web hosting providers site, they will be going through what is called an affiliate link, which tracks sales from that link and awards the website owner with a commission for every sale that they refer.

Which unlimited web hosting provider can you trust?

As an internet businessman for many years, I have tried just about every unlimited web hosting provider out there. The majority of them, particularly the shared hosting providers, have been very disappointing to say the least. On the flip side, there are a few great unlimited web hosting providers amongst them who do deliver hosting that is reliable as well as affordable.

The unlimited web hosting company that I highly recommend is Virmach, choose their shared hosting. They offer a strict ‘no overload’ policy and state that they only allow a fixed amount of accounts to be hosted on each server, to maximize reliability for users. When using them, I have found that they do live up to their claims and their hosting servers fast and reliable. I have been with them for over a year now and have never seen any downtime. I’d also like to point out that I am not an affiliate of theirs (no affiliate link), I just highly recommend them to people who are looking for a quality unlimited web hosting provider.

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