StartLogic Hosting Review

If you’ve ever thought about setting up a business online or creating a website to highlight a talent or interest of yours then you’ll need to consider looking at web hosting packages to get your site online.

Now you could go with a free website, but that means that you won’t get to pick your domain name, will be limited on bandwidth (your site’s speed) and disk space (amount of files you can upload) and it will probably be covered in ads.

So to me, free web hosting is a horrible idea (I know from experience) but what web hosting company should you go with?

I’m going to give you an honest review about a company I’ve used for years (StartLogic) and you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

StartLogic Web Hosting

I can honestly say that, after using a variety of different web hosts in the past, StartLogic is by far the best I’ve used and it’s actually very affordable.

I avoided paying for hosting for so long but after using StartLogic’s web hosting I realized that it’s so much more efficient and stress free than using free hosting.

Let’s get into the details as to why I think StartLogic has some of the best web hosting packages out there today.

Disk Space & Bandwidth

One of the biggest issues with running a website is having enough space on the server and having pages that load quickly.

I went through a lot of stress in the past because of running out of space or my websites loading slowly or not loading at all because I had used up all my bandwidth for the month… BUT all those troubles washed away when I started using StartLogic web hosting.

I went with the ProLogic plan which includes:
– Unlimited Disk Space
– Unlimited Bandwidth

Which means you are NOT going to run out of space and your pages will always load quickly!

I know a lot of web hosting companies will brag about their site never being down but StartLogic doesn’t even need to brag; their site is almost never down! I’m on the computer a lot, almost too much, and believe me I’d know when my sites are down.

So to be able to have a site that’s not limited on size, speed or availability is really saying a lot compared to all the hassles you could be dealing with if you went with another web hosting company.

Domain Names

Another thing you’ll need when setting up your own website is a domain name. You need people to be able to type in a unique URL to get to your site; you don’t want to be using a subdomain.

How much traffic do you think Google would get if you had to type out Or if the domain was Probably not as much!

You need a unique URL that only directs to your site so that people can easily remember how to find you on the web.

By using StartLogic hosting, you get a free domain name right off the bat! So you get to choose to use any URL that you can think of for your site, as long as someone else isn’t already using it.

Not only that but you also get:
– Unlimited Domain Hosting
– Unlimited Email Accounts

So you can host as many different domains as you’d like with just one hosting package and set up as many email accounts as you want for each domain!

Limitations with hosting packages is really what causes most of your stress… and as you can seewith StartLogic Hosting there really are no limitations!

Website Creation

All those benefits are great but what about when you want to start constructing your websites?

Well, with StartLogic you get:
– A WebSite Creator
– Professional Web Templates

And you can create and modify your pages anytime you want to!

Or you can create your websites with software that you already use and upload it using the FileManager or FTP Manger.

StartLogic is all about making it easy for you to get your site online!

You can also password protect your site and have all your files backedup.

Software & Multimedia Support

You’re not going to be limited on what software you can use or what multimedia you can upload either.

When you use StartLogic hosting you can use:
CGI-BIN and Library
Macromedia Shockwave
MIDI Files
MIME Types
MySQL Databases
Perl Scripts
Real Audio & Video
SSL Secure Server
SSI Management
…and so much more.

In fact, I’ve never had StartLogic tell me that it doesn’t support any of the files I’ve attempted to upload.

Tech Support

But what if you have a problem or a question?

Well, from my experience with StartLogic’s support, I can honestly say that I love the support that they provide. It’s 100% FREE Support, unless you want to pay a premium to have you question answered quicker. But they’ll answer your questions very quickly without you having to pay a dime.

Anytime I’ve had a question they usually answer it or resolve my problem within their first response and that’s a BIG bonus when it comes to tech support! You want them to understand you and be able to fix your problem right away.

What I love is that they’ll walk you through step by step on how to do different things you’re not familiar with or they’ll just straight up do it for you!

I can’t complain at all when it comes to StartLogic Support’s response times or their ability to solve problems.

Free Bonuses

As if this package wasn’t amazing enough, StartLogic decided to include a TON of bonuses that are available to all their customers.

Check out what you get…

Free Advertising Credit (Facebook, Adwords, Yahoo)
Free Shopping Cart Integration (ShopSite, AgoraCart, osCommerce, PayPal, ZenCart)
Free Google Webmaster Tools Integrated into Your Account
Free Content Management System Installation (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, e107)
Free Blog Installation (WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution)
Free Photo Gallery Installation (Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto)
Free Forum Installation (Gbook, phpBB, SMF)
…and so much more.

These bonuses will REALLY come in handy regardless of what you want to do with your site.

I personally use my WordPress blog all the time and am so glad that all it took was the click of a button to install it.

And things like the free advertising credit come in handy when you want to test out the advertising market.

They’re “Green”

This is a newer addition, but this change made me proud to be using StartLogic for my hosting…

If your site is hosted by StartLogic then it’s powered by 100% Wind Energy!

This is a pretty big deal when you think about it in the grand scheme of things because by doing this StartLogic is helping to prevent the release of 2,660 metric TONS of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year!

If you wanted to do that you’d have to plant around 2,390 acres of trees, or avoid driving 6.1 MILLION miles or take 510 cars off the road… so it’s a pretty big move in the right direction!


Now you might assume that you’d have to pay an arm and leg for such a great web hosting package but you couldn’t be further from the truth!

Depending on what package you choose, you could have a StartLogic hosting package for a few dollars a month!

This really is nothing when you think in terms of how much money you could make from your site if you’re getting into eCommerce. And if it’s a personal site, just think of how much you pay per month for all your other monthly bills…

Can you name a single bill you have that only costs you a few dollars a month?

I can’t! Unless I’m talking about my StartLogic Web Hosting bill…

They’ll usually even set up your account for FREE and give you a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Now you can see why I’ve been using StartLogic Web Hosting for so many years…

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