Linux VS Windows Hosting

If you would like to choose a web hosting you might ask, “Windows or Linux?” This should be an easy question to answer, but it needs quite a lot of considerations. In this article I will help you to comprehend when to use Windows or Linux hosting by giving you the differences on both of them. Hopefully by reading this article, you will never be confused again to choose a Windows or Linux hosting.

Price of server software

Linux server is a lot affordable than Windows server. This is because Linux is based on GNU license which is free to use, and Windows has commercial license. The Linux hosting providers do not need to pay the software. This is the key reason why Linux hosting is a lot cheaper than Windows hosting.

Server’s History

From the very beginning of internet, Unix has been the one and the only option for server. Starting from data server to internet server, most of the people around the world use Unix. Then, what it has to do with Linux?

Linux is the “successor” of Unix. It has all the capability of Unix combined with a user friendly graphics for end user. Windows is not very famous on server history. Only starting from Windows NT, Windows has emerged to the server world.

Even until the moment this article is written, when some people are asked they will directly answer that Linux is more appropriate than Windows for server without thinking.

Programming Language

If you are designing a static website, you will need no programming language except HTML. HTML is offered on both Linux and Windows hosting. JavaScript is also available on both hosting.

However, if you or the one you hire is planning to make a dynamic website, you will need to consider the programming language capability. Those who use Windows hosting normally need ASP or ASP.NET support. Those who use Linux hosting normally need PHP, Perl, or Python support.

This is not a hard fact because Windows hosting may have sufficient support for PHP language. You have to ask your programmer and your hosting company to make this matter clear.

Web Hosting Competition

Linux hosting providers are numerous around the world. The number of Windows hosting providers is smaller if you compare them with Linux hosting provider. This numerous providers of Linux hosting will generate competition between themselves. This is good because you will get the cheapest price available.

Intranet and Internet integration

Some companies need to mix their internal offline data with the ones in the internet. For example is the banking industry. Normally this can be done seamlessly with ASP.NET. Therefore, the need of Windows hosting.

E-preneur support

Whether you are presently starting an online business or have been the heavy hitter, you will find that many free but good quality software and scripts offered out there is in PHP or Perl. Take for example the famous BLOG script WordPress, it is written in PHP. Sometimes you can even have the resell rights for the software. If you are using Windows hosting you will definitely lose this benefit.


If you are just starting out, always seek to have a Linux hosting as the first option in your mind. Cheaper price may be the major reason behind this. Why should you pay more for all the features that you do not require? If you are going to integrate intranet and internet data of your company and you really need the ASP.NET then, choose Windows hosting. Normal dynamic pages can be built using PHP or Perl. You have to change your programmer if he/she insists on using Windows hosting with no exact reason. Again, always try to have a Linux hosting as the first option in your mind. After all, abundant choices of Linux hosting allow you to shop around for the best price.

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