KVC Hosting Review

KVC Hosting is my newest favorite hosting service among other services that are older and more established. This is not really new web hosting company, it is founded on 2010 and currently hosts thousands of websites. So yes, it is an establish and trusted company.

KVCHosting offers lots of hosting plans, from shared, VPS, to dedicated server. Each comes with different packages you can choose that meet your needs and budget.

For example, if you are new in this web building field, with limited experience and only want to host simple website, you can choose their starter shared hosting plan which starts from just $1.89 per month. With this starter plan you can start building your website right away. This plan is very newbie friendly in terms of technical knowledge and budget.

If you are more experienced and run several website with quite busy traffics, their VPS plan will be more suitable for you. The VPS plan starts from $25.99 per month and it will give you a lot better server in terms of performance. It will require certain knowledge level in managing server in Linux environment. But with a bit of research on google and youtube, you can have your server ready to host your websites in just few hours.

Now, if you are running an online store where you sell your products through your website with lots of products and customers, dedicated server would be the most appropriate service for you. At KVCHosting, the dedicated server plan starts from $89.99 per month. It will give you a really powerful machine to host your website. It needs an expert level in managing Linux machine though, so be sure you can or have someone who can handle the task.

KVCHosting also offers reseller hosting plan if you are looking to start your own hosting business. While I believe their reseller hosting is also great, just like their other service, I personally don’t recommend using reseller hosting if you want to start in this business. It is better and cheaper to just lease a VPS and resell it yourself.

Reseller hosting plan is easier to handle however it is only suitable for those who don’t know much about managing linux server. It costs more and your access to the server is limited. If you don’t know to run your reseller host from a VPS, you better learn it first before thinking about running your reseller hosting business.

Now back to the KVCHosting, do I recommend this company? Absolutely yes. As I said, this is my newest favorite hosting service among others that is more established. If you run multiple websites like me you will need more hosting company to host your websites. You don’t want to put all eggs in one basket after all. And this webhosting service is a good candidate to diversify your website hosts.

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