Find the Right Web Hosting For Your Website

Finding the right web hosting that offers quality services and at the same time at an affordable price can be a hard task, especially if you are new on this web master field and have limited experiences on choosing web hosting. However there are several steps you can take so you can weed out the bad host providers and find the best one for you.

Check their support response time

This is probably the most crucial factor when choosing your web hosting provider. There is no perfect web hosting, you will for sure face some technical problems. In this case, you will need to be able to contact your web hosting provider anytime during the day. The faster they can handle the problems the sooner your website will be running normal again. So make sure they can be contacted anytime and their response must be excellent.

Send an email or two to the web hosting company before you decide to use their service. Take a note on how fast their respond your email. You can ask whatever you want on this step since your purpose is just to measure their response time. If there is no phone number on their website (bad sign), ask them whether they provide phone support. Some web hosting providers also provide online chat support. Try to contact them (trough email, chat line, and phone call) on non-working hours. Let’s say at 2 AM. A good hosting provider usually offers 24 hours customer support phone line.

Check their server speed

You want to make sure that your website can load fast since a slow loading website will scary your visitors. They don’t want to wait, so make sure your website can load fast. Fast loading is a very critical factor you must consider when choosing your web hosting.

Do they have their own server?

Many web hosting providers do not run their own server. In many cases they just buy server from other web hosting company. Make sure your web hosting company has their own server since you will get a faster and better response anytime you face any problems with your hosting. If they do not run their own server, all problems will be redirected to the real hosting company who has the server. It will require more time to handle the problems, and you don’t want it, right?

Check their hosting features

If you plan or already have a website using certain programming language such as php, asp, or other languages, make sure the web hosting support and can provide the features you need. If your website requires database make sure the server provides Mysql or other databases. Most standard hostings have these features, however you should make sure that they are available.

How much Space and Bandwidth you need?

Every website requires different spaces and bandwidth, depend on the website size and traffics. Most hosting companies provide this information on their hosting packages. Make sure you get enough spaces and bandwidth for your site. You also need to consider that you will probably need more spaces and bandwidth in the future once your website grows. Make sure your hosting can support your website growth.

Do they support multiple domains?

Find out whether the hosting plan you choose support multiple domains or just one domain hosting. Maybe you only need to host one website/domain at the first time, however when your business grows probably you want to build another website. In this case, if your web hosting plan supports multiple domains, you can save money since you don’t have to buy another hosting service. Some hosting providers will charge you to host another domain, ask about it first and make sure you will not get charged to host your other domain on your server.

Choosing the right web hosting is very crucial for your websites success. Choose the wrong one can damage your business. Make sure you do your research before you buy your web hosting service.

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