ePowHost Web Hosting Review

ePowHost Web Hosting Review: Summary

ePowHost offers every web site owners dream – unlimited space, emails, bandwidth, and domains. Feeling restricted by your current host? ePowHost is for you. This is truly a hosting account that is ready for a webmaster that has plans to grow an empire of websites, or just one large website that might be too expensive to host other places that will limit your sites growth.

Along with unlimited (just about) everything, ePowHost also offers all of the standard web hosting features – PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, and free advertising credits to get your new creation off the ground. Everything you would expect from a shared hosting provider ePowHost delivers on.

ePowHost Web Hosting Review: Advantages

Unlike most hosts who limit what you to a single domain name or a certain amount of bandwidth, ePowHost doesn’t restrict you to any of these limitations. Instead they take a different approach and let you grow your business by taking advantage of their economics of scale. They also allow you to take advantage of the most popular control panel online today – cPanel. Add in their 24/7 customer support and FrontPage extensions for use with your Microsoft programs; they truly have one of the best offerings on the web today. They also supply you with all of the documentation to use all of their features in a very easy to find format.

ePowHost Web Hosting Review: Disadvantages

While on paper ePowHost seems like a dream come true, there are a few drawbacks to what they offer. Giving everyone as much as possible restricts their ability to spend money on a whole lot other then servers to hold your armada of websites. The only support that is offer is via a helpdesk – they do not offer phone support. There also is not any live chat support system (as the website might lead you to believe) If you are more of an internet person (and I’m guessing you are if you are looking for hosting!) then this is not such a big deal. They do respond to support tickets in a timely fashion even if you cannot actually get someone live to talk to.

ePowHost Web Hosting Review: Conclusion

If you are more familiar with the hosting world and fairly comfortable taking care of things without someone holding your hand, then ePowHost is definitely a great choice for you. What they lack in the hand holding that other hosts offer they more than make up for in their hosting options. If you have plans of expanding and are on a budget, then these are definitely the guys to look to. They will give you plenty of room to grow – just as long as you are able to grow on your own for the most part. Their hosting is rock solid, and an excellent choice for the intermediate to advanced user. If you are just starting out, you will want to check out our reviews on some of the more ‘beginner’ friendly hosting service providers.

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