eBoundHost Web Hosting Review

eBoundHost.com Web Hosting Review: Summary

eBoundHost.com was started right when the internet really boomed in 2000. Basing themselves in the Northern United States, they have positioned themselves to be a market leader by providing something very rare in the online world – real follow through. As a hosting company, they do in fact look out for your best interests reducing the work you have to do by supplying superior service and reliability. They focus on the individual, and their hosting plans in turn cater to the lone webmaster, all though they do offer plans to allow you and your business to expand.

eBoundHost.com Web Hosting Review: Advantages

A very economical solution with real world class support is exactly what you’ll get at eBoundHost.com. They offer an astonishing 90 day money back guarantee. You read right; a 90 day, no questions asked, complete refund if you aren’t completely and utterly satisfied with the services that they provide. Add in their SSL compatibility for shopping cart and e-commerce websites, spam and virus filters for their email, and compatibility with your Blackberry or Treo and you can see why they are the obvious choice for the serious web site owner.

They also offer a great selection of dedicated servers if a shared hosting environment isn’t enough for your needs. A dedicated server just means that your website won’t be sharing the same server as other websites, giving you more flexibility and power to run your own site.

eBoundHost.com Web Hosting Review: Disadvantages

Honestly, there are not a lot of hosting services that this can be said about, but you’ll have to look extremely hard to find a down side to this spectacular company. I have had to wait just over an hour for a more complicated support ticket to be answered, but in a world where sometimes I’m put on hold for an hour just to fix my cell phone or have someone explain my electric bill I consider this more of an advantage then a disadvantage. Sometimes a service just works, and eBoundHost is one of those services.

eBoundHost.com Web Hosting Review: Conclusion

The best of all worlds; economical enough to get started, plenty of space and options to expand your business, as well as top notch support places eBoundHost in the top one percent of all web hosts. I wouldn’t consider hosting with anyone else unless I just wanted the extra assurance of a backup far, far away from any natural disaster that might strike (and in the Northern United States, even that seems like a far fetched idea). For the last ten years, these guys have been providing a service that this industry desperately needs – true support and a product that is exactly as described. If you are not hosting with eBoundHost you should really rethink how well you want your online business to run. Moving my web sites over to eBoundHost was the best decision I could have made. My frustrations are non-existent and I know that all my online properties are working for me day in and day out. The peace of mind is priceless.

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