Choose Your Best Web Hosting Provider

The best hosting services is not always generic, meaning choosing a good hosting provider so much depends on how their package and services will suit you best given all constraint you have: such as space, bandwidth transfer, preinstall applications, number of domain hosted, and of course price. So if you need only 100 MB space and 1 GB bandwidth (one single blog usually need less than this requirements) now, why you have to pay also some space and bandwidth that you don’t need.

To get the best web hosting provider people need to do a little homework, which is make their own requirements such as find the answer of how much space you’ll need, how many bandwidth you’ll require, will you need a simple installation process, do you have specific need like video files, mp3 files etc. These basic questions are keys for you to choose your most suitable web hosting providers, yet most of the time people don’t understand that these questions are very important.

Unlimited web hosting service is the easiest answer

Many people think the easiest way to answer these constraints is using unlimited shared hosting plan, this is true but not always the best answer. The truth is unlimited hosting is limited since there are nothing free: disk space has price even though it is much cheaper now compare to one year ago, Internet provider charge every gigabyte use for bandwidth, and a server also has limitations.

Unlimited web hosting provider package is base on statistic that average space and bandwidth for common websites are very low resources. Good unlimited web hosting provider like Host Gator, Dreamhost, or Host Monster charge around $ 6.5 up to $ 9.0 a month if you choose annual plan (month by month plan will be significantly higher). These hosting providers are safe choices; personally I will always recommend Host Gator for any kind of hosting services: personal or business web hosting; but these web hosting providers charge two or three times higher compare to ‘limited’ shared hosting.

Find your best web hosting provider

To get the best web hosting services and to have a little cost saving, consider these points:

* Three most important components of web hosting services cost are: bandwidth transfer, server components, and operators/people. The best web hosting provider will manage these three components in their offering as well as manage all necessary resources to deliver services as promised. These niche players often start their web hosting package for less than $3.5 plus some first year discount, and they still manage to give good services.

* Country based and support location. Many people know realized company locations can give a special benefit, especially related to support when they are in trouble. Even though US based web hosting provider still have the some edge because of their price, but Canadian, UK, and other European web hosting services now have significant improvement in their customer base because of their great support.

* Linux based server is recommended since most web hosting companies prefer a LAMP (Linux, apache, mySQL, and php) environment. This hosting platform is significantly cheaper compare to other web hosting platforms.

Make a short list and before you decide test they support by trying to ask or submitting a question and expect for a fast response, good web hosting provider will response a ticket in less than 30 minutes. You may check also if they have a good forums support or telephone.

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